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Big Preschool Workbook


Help preschoolers get ready for reading, writing, and numbers! Cách chơi bài trong sòng bạcThis gigantic, 320-page book of creative, colorful activities will make learning feel like play. An A+ adventure unfolds, as kids encounter sensational squares and rocking rectangles, a giant newt reading the newspaper and a dinosaur playing the drums. Bold, bright colors and illustrations ease little ones into learning without feeling overwhelmed.



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Big Preschool Workbook Description

Help preschoolers get ready for reading, writing, and numbers! This gigantic, 320-page book of creative, colorful activities will make learning feel like play. An A+ adventure unfolds, as kids encounter sensational squares and rocking rectangles, a giant newt reading the newspaper and a dinosaur playing the drums. Bold, bright colors and illustrations ease little ones into learning without feeling overwhelmed. Lessons focus on must-know readiness basics, including colors, shapes, the alphabet, basic phonics, early math, and more, and activities appear in order of increasing difficulty, so preschoolers stay challenged until the end, constantly expanding their skills. When all done they can fill in their name on their very own reward certificate!  Along the way, tear-out pages make for easy sharing. School Zone products give kids their own Anywhere Teacher learning, anywhere and anytime!

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • 319 pages of colorful activities
  • Flexible, thick-coated cover
  • Clear instructions on every page
  • Color-coded skills sections
  • Perforated pages great for individual worksheets
  • Skill focus listed at bottom corner of each page
  • Parent guide and table of contents inside front cover
  • Activities to Share ideas inside back cover
  • Award certificate for a job well done
  • LOTS of learning for a low price!


  • alphabetical order
  • numbers 1-10
  • colors
  • shapes
  • phonics
  • pre-writing
  • pre-reading
  • sequencing
  • following directions
  • matching
  • eye-hand coordination
  • identification
  • visual discrimination
  • opposites
  • beginning sounds
  • ending sounds
  • differentiation

Big Preschool Workbook Details

  • Product# 06315
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-887-43145-6
  • Contents: 320 Pages
  • Size: 7.75" x 10.75"
  • Ages 3-5
  • Brand: School Zone

What Others Have to Say

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Submitted by: Boise
Violet Ringtail
I am enjoying the bright colors and easy to follow directions for toddlers.
Submitted by: Dennison
I teach a very limited ability population of Exceptional Children in the Middle School. This book has so many skills that are still working on to develop. The Special Service Providers for my students, OT & SLP love the books as well. Crossing mid-line, phonics, following directions, & what belongs where to name a few. Very helpful resource. The pages are colorful, not overly busy and short enough task to hold interest. My students are challenged but successful using this book. I Highly recomend
Submitted by: Johnstown,PA
You make my kid smarter, while giving me some time to myself, and I thank you! We first discovered School Zone through their Hidden Pictures, which my 2.5 yr old loves. We stuck around because they offer products my kid likes at a great price. Thanks!
Submitted by:
User Avatar
I love this book. It helped me with my daughter. She is still in pre-k but she she is becoming more advance. Thank you. Thank you for this.
Submitted by: Hinton, WV
User Avatar
I've chosen to homeschool my child. I found a nice curriculum on Pinterest to base our curriculum on. As I searched for educational activities, I quickly realized it was time consuming and expensive. I knew then that I needed to find a good base workbook. I looked through the many workbooks we had stashed away and came across this one that had been bought recently by my grandmother as a gift. When I began to look through it, I noticed that it had FIVE of the subjects I knew we needed to cover. Numbers, Letters, Pre-Writing Skills, Colors, and Shapes. This book has saved us so much time, money, and sanity! Absolutely love it and recommend to ANYONE with young children. 6 (yes 6) stars!!! It's above and beyond what I could've ever expected. This book has been our absolute favorite, but we've ventured into other School Zone workbooks as well and they are all brilliant! Thank you so much, School Zone!
Submitted by: Maricopa, AZ
Lily Longlegs

We recently purchased the Preschool Big Workbook from Sam's Club for our 3 year-old. She is really learning great from it. It's a great product!

Submitted by: Chambersburg, PA
User Avatar
When my son turned 3, I started to try and teach him his numbers and letters. I was a complete failure at it. I got mad and frustrated, he got depressed, I had no idea what I was doing. This book provide me with a curriculum I could easily go through and it made learning a lot easier for him and teaching easier for me. I highly recommend this for any parent who wants to get their kid on the road to learning but doesn't know how.
Submitted by: Bloomington, CA
Violet Ringtail
I bought this book because I was having trouble with my son he was being lazy when it came to writing and tracing he's 4 years ol d and his attention span is not great but he absolutely loves this book and he improved in his writing skills the illustrations are amazing! I don't regret getting this book.
Submitted by:
User Avatar
My daughter (17 months) is able to identify many animals, colors and objects in the work book. Even though she can't really hold a pencil and write yet, we are able to flip through the workbook and play games like "where is the balloon?" Or, can you say "purple?" My family will be enjoying our big preschool workbook for many years to come.  
Submitted by:
User Avatar
When I think back to when I was in grade school, I only really remember the fun learning projects and tools that my teachers used in class. I remember being so excited when we got to color, draw or think outside of the box. Why is that?

I think it's because kids love to use their creative thinking skills. If you help make learning fun, kids are more likely to stay interested, and the material is more likely to stick. School Zone offers so many fun learning tools for kids of all ages.

The big preschool workbook has 320 pages of readiness basics that your child can use to prepare for school. You will find pre-writing exercises, colors and shapes activities, pages of alphabet and phonics exercises and even numbers and early math.

I really like that the workbooks are all in color. What kid wants to work in a workbook that is filled with boring black and white pages? Colors on the pages just add to the fun of learning.  
Submitted by:
User Avatar

My 3 year-old loves to do homework with those school zone books I ordered last time, it helps her to write the letters by herself, so impressed. We really enjoy doing the books together, it is not only a study time, but a quality family time

Submitted by:
User Avatar
I loved it. It really helps get your child ready from Kindergarden!!
Submitted by:
User Avatar
I bought this for my boys to work on things they would learn in preschool. I bought two other books like this but by different companies prior to this. Well let me just say this book has worked wonders for my boys. They get so caught up in it and love doing it where as before it was a fight to get them to do these same things in other books. The book is very colorful and very child friendly!!!
Submitted by:
User Avatar
My two year old son loves his book. He is really doing well with his pre-writing skills. He already knows the whole alphabet and his numbers. Thank you School Zone!!
Submitted by:
User Avatar

As the name suggests, Big Preschool Workbook is a huge book and it covers a lot of areas. My 4 year old took right to it and doesn't see it as "work". I was impressed that the entire workbook is illustrated, but my favorite feature was the organization of the book. Each section is broken up into skill areas (pre-writing alphabet, etc) that are color coded so it is easy to tear out one page a day from each section to supplement my work plan. I would recommend this book for anyone!